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Future Fireplace develops applications within the following realms:

  • Game applications and other entertainent products that foremost tries to lure the user outside the 4 walls of the home ... "Get out there have fun! - Our products are lowcost, and the outside is waiting for you!"
  • Cultural applications for learning the Danish laguage within the realm of emigrative integration of newcomers
  • Learning applications for elementary and high school


To the right you can read about the most comtemporary products. For dedicated interest and/or requests within funding, coorperative development of similar, please contacts founder Thomas Due Nielsen at: due@tuta.io


VARAN - is a VR, AR and CV game combined. In other words Mixed Reality that relies on colors from the environment. This game is independent of cables and/or nearby work stations. As it uses mobile/cell phone technology VARAN can be played in outdoor settings.

Dunkle Spor - is Danish titled detective board game, that challenges the players to solve small stories where words have been left out. While playing the game up to a read-out-loud session, the players collect these left-out-word hints. A 'remember-the-words' challenge.


Danseudfordringen- this Danish titled board game, challenge the players on knowledge within social and ballroom dances. It also draws upon cultural curiousities from Latin America.

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"...Organic exchanges..."

The Vision for Future Fireplace is to shed light upon games and challenges that takes offset in human interaction.

Since the age of dawn the fireplace has been a center point for stories and wisdom. Let the flames inspire on forward ...









Future Fireplace is founded by Thomas Due Nielsen,

Ba in Medialogy


For general contact: due@tuta.io

Phone: + 45 8883 7258

If you have any suggestions concerning bug within VARAN, contact: tdue.medier@gmail.com